We appreciate your generous support to keep our monastery running!

Although we labor every day of the year, we have taken vows of monastic poverty and no longer have worldly jobs. This is why your donations are essential, for we have dedicated our lives to Christ our God, and we supplicate Him on behalf of your salvation and the salvation of the whole world.

Thank you again and may our Lord and God Jesus Christ bless you and your family!

Our bank details in USA:
Synod of Bishops of the Russian
d/b/a Mount of Olives Convent
75 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10128

Chase Bank
Madison Avenue and 86th Street
New York NY 10028
Account # 362833300
Routing number: 021000021

Our bank details in GERMANY:
HYPOVEREINSBANK – Filiale Munchen – Promenadeplatz
Account name: Russich-Orthodoxe Diözese des Orthodoxen Bischofs von Berlin und Deutschlandm- Jerusalem-Eleon
Account Number: 15202373
IBAN: DE86700202700015202373

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