For pilgrims end visitors

Our location:

Raba-Al-Adawieh street #7, bldg. #9

Mount of Olives


Visiting hours:
(Please note that monastery does not adjust to daylight saving time!)

The monastery is open for pilgrims and visitors from 9:00 till 12:30 and
from 14:00 till 16:00, Monday through Saturday.

The monastery stays closed on Sundays!

Service hours during regular days:

5.30: Midnight service, Hours, Divine Liturgy

16:00: Vespers and Matins

Service hours during feast days and Sundays:

6.30: Midnight service, Hours, Divine Liturgy

16:00: Vespers and Matins

How to get to our Convent from Tel-Aviv BenGurion airport:

  1. At the airport, you can take a shuttle bus (Nesher) for 67 shekels (~$20, payment accepted only in shekels!). Ask the driver to take you to the Augusta-Victoria hospital in Jerusalem (A-Tur village or Harazetim).
  2. From the hospital, take a taxi for 15-20 shekels ($3-4, dollars/euro are okay to pay).
  3. If Nesher refuses to take you to Augusta-Victoria hospital, then ask him to take you to the Damascus gate. From the Damascus Gate, take a taxi for $12 (40 shekels).

Your destination is the Russian Convent on Mount of Olives (Harazetim), near Makaseed Hospital.


  • By Nesher, it takes about 2-3 hours to reach Augusta-Victoria hospital.
  • By taxi, it takes about 1 hour to reach our Convent, the cost is ~$80-95.
  • There is also a train from the airport to the Central Bus station for ~20 shekels.