Welcome to Russian Orthodox Women’s Convent of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives!

Русская версия

Russian Orthodox Convent of Ascension on Mount of Olives is a Russian-speaking monastery, which belongs to Russian Ecclesiastical Mission Abroad of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR).

We are located on Mount of Olives, which is east of Jerusalem. The Holy Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ took place on this very mountain. We are also near the chapel of Ascension, also called “Stopochka” (footprint).

Our Convent history goes back to the 1870s and owes its existence to ever-memorable Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin), who lived in the Holy Land for 29 years.

Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin)
(1817 – 1894)

Here is the residence of the head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem (ROCOR).

Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky)
Chief of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem (ROCOR) since 2012

The monastery follows the coenobitic rule of monastic life: the sisterhood hold all things in common, and follow a daily schedule of prayer and work under obedience to the abbess, their spiritual mother. We continue the full cycle of daily Church services which include Divine Liturgy, services of supplication and funeral services. The monastery consists of sisters from Russia, Ukraine, France, Estonia, Palestine and Romania. Daily services are held in Church Slavonic.

Abbess Varvara is the current Mother Superior of the Convent since 2017